Infection Prevention and Control Committee Organised a Training For Staff

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The infection prevention and control committee (IPCC) at federal Neuro psychiatric hospital Benin has initiated a training program for all units and wards. The primary objective is to educate everyone on the importance of handwashing and proper waste segregation using color-coded bags/bins. Dr. Temitope Jegede and Dr. Etinosa Ikpo are leading these sessions, instructing ward supervisors, nurses, cleaners, bouncers and patients on maintaining cleanliness to prevent disease transmission. They demonstrated the use of black bags (non-infectious) for general waste, yellow (infectious) infectious waste and red (highly infectious) bodily fluids and parts. Additionally, they are teaching the correct handwashing techniques and proper use of hand sanitizer. The committee wishes to express their appreciation to the medical director Dr Imafidon Osama Agbonile for his continued support in this initiative.

Summary of color code for infection prevention and control

Black ———- Non- infectious (used for general waste, including non-hazardous waste generated from administrative areas of the hospital)

Yellow ——— infectious (clinical waste that is potentially infectious but does not contain sharp items such as ; soiled dressings, disposable medical equipment, and non-sharp laboratory waste)

Red ————- Highly infectious and for body fluids (e.g. waste contaminated with blood, bodily fluids or infectious materials such as used bandages, syringes and cultures.) The training which started on Wednesday the 14th of February will continue for the next eight (8) weeks.

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